About Us

Pure Aura Apothecary was birthed on my spiritual journey where I was  


I have battled with skin sensitives since I was a young age (mostly eczema) which took a toll on my self-esteem because I didn't want to be seen out with dry, red, and inflamed skin. In 2020, when I went plant-based and then Pure Aura Apothecary came into fruition. I started living a more high vibrational lifestyle hence "pure aura". I took into consideration what was being put into my mind, body, and spirit & came to the realization (through research) many things I had been digesting were toxic and filled with junk!! I made the decision to start my journey of healing my mind, body, and spirit from the inside-out and have been able to live a more healthy and intentional lifestyle.

& thats what PURE AURA APOTHECARY is here to do 💗 help us to remember - & relearn the beautiful power that lives within, to come back home & heal ourselves so that we can experience better care & welling-being.

Here at Pure Aura Apothecary it is our mission to create positive change and create quality products that make not only make your body feel healthy but also your MIND! We do this by using PURE, all-natural ingredients that have been intentionally sourced. We are so excited to share this journey with you!